Trade & Commerce

While commerce is concerned with facilitating the exchange of goods and services in the economy, trade simply means buying and selling of said goods and services in return for money. To stay competitive in the global economy, organizations must have a thorough understanding of the dynamics of trade and commerce. That is why Renee Bowen, a theoretical economist, recently launched the Center for Commerce and Diplomacy. The center will produce research that informs government and business leaders about the challenges of international commercial diplomacy in an evolving global economy.

In the News

Ulrike Schaede and the business reinvention of Japan
May 28, 2020 | Virginia Watson | GPS News
In this Q&A about her new book, GPS professor Ulrike Schaede breaks down how Japan’s new business architecture and corporate strategies have helped the country remain the third largest economy in the world

Alumnus negotiates EU-Mercosul agreement
Aug. 13, 2019 | By Rachel Hommel | GPS News
Rodrigo Serran ’14 forges opportunities for Brazilian economic growth in the EU as part of the largest trade agreement in Brazil’s history

UC San Diego's New Multi-Continental Partnership to Usher in Next Generation of Economic Diplomats
March 11, 2019 | By Christine Clark | UC San Diego News
The School of Global Policy and Strategy joins forces with Paris School of International Affairs (Sciences Po), the Graduate School of International Studies in Seoul, Korea, and HEC Montreal for launch of new program


Faculty and Research

Related Faculty

  • John Ahlquist

    John Ahlquist

    Associate Professor

    Research Fields: political economy, comparative politics, labor market institutions, income inequality, international trade

  • Renee Bowen

    Renee Bowen

    Associate Professor

    Research fields: political economy, microeconomic theory, international trade

  • Peter Cowhey

    Peter Cowhey

    Dean and Qualcomm Endowed Chair in Communications and Technology Policy

    Research Fields: U.S. trade policy, foreign policy, communications and information technology, Internet, biological threats, international corporate strategy, microfinance industry to alleviate poverty

  • Richard Feinberg

    Richard Feinberg


    Research Fields: Cuba, Latin America, U.S. foreign policy, multilateral institutions, trade and investment, globalization, democratization, non-governmental organizations

  • Jim Lambright

    Jim Lambright

    Professor of Practice

    Research Fields: business, energy policy, global finance

  • Munseob Lee

    Munseob Lee

    Assistant Professor

    Research Fields: macroeconomics, growth and development, firm dynamics, Korea

Related Research Centers and Programs

  • 21st Century China Center

    21st Century China Center

    Aiming to deepen public knowledge and understanding of contemporary China and strengthen U.S.-China relations, this center promotes active discourse on China’s domestic evolution and its international engagement.
  • Center on Global Transformation

    Center on Global Transformation

    Examining central questions about economic growth, equality and market change in the Pacific, this center brings together the worlds of academic inquiry and policy analysis.
  • Center for Commerce and Diplomacy

    For the advancement of worldwide peace and prosperity, our mission is to produce high-quality research that informs government and business leaders about the challenges and institutions of international commercial diplomacy in a changing world. Launching in late 2019. 

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