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Student Resources

Beyond the classroom, our campus offers a variety of programs and opportunities for deeper immersion in your areas of interest. Join one of the school’s many student groups focusing on regions of study and professional development. Discover other UC San Diego student organizations, services and resources that the campus has to offer. Use the links below for more information.

International Students

We offer a variety of resources and programs for international students and their families. View our frequently asked questions that address some of the common questions asked by prospective and current students. And learn about UC San Diego’s International Center, which promotes social, educational and intercultural participation and awareness.

Campus Organizations


Housing, Maps and Transportation

Safety on Campus

Computing Services

Technology is an integral part of the curriculum. All students are required to have their own laptop (notebook) computer. The cost of a computer can be included in your budget for financial aid. We recommend the purchase of a new computer with an extended warranty.

The campus is a cross-platform computer environment and supports Mac and Windows computers. The specifications below outline the minimum hardware and software we recommend you purchase. Laptops may be purchased from any supplier. The UC San Diego Bookstore Computer Center sells many laptop models at very competitive prices, including special models that meet the minimum requirements listed below.

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Minimum Windows

Minimum Macintosh


Intel Core i5 (Gen6 or better)

Intel Core i5 (Late 2018 Model or Newer)


13-in active matrix LCD 

13-in active matrix LCD 

Memory (RAM)

8 Gigabytes or more

8 Gigabyte or more

Storage (Hard Drive)

250 Gigabytes or larger (SSD Required)

250 Gigabytes or larger (SSD Required)


Camera recommended

Camera standard


2-5 year warranty coverage 

2-5 year warranty coverage 

Operating System

MS Windows 10
Note: Windows 7 is no longer allowed at UC San Diego

MacOS X 10.14 (El Capitan) or greater


Microsoft Office O365

(provided by campus and free for students)

Microsoft Office O365

(provided by campus and free for students)

Backup Drive

500 GB minimum

500 GB minimum

Virus Scan

Any current software

Any current software           

Note 1: MS Office includes Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Microsoft Office 2016 is free for students. Be sure PowerPoint and Outlook is included with your purchase. MS Office 2011 for Mac does not include ability to run macros and add-ins that are required in some classes. Free Mac software from can provide the same features as Excel on Windows. Not recommended for use: WordPerfect, MS Works, AppleWorks, Apple Pages, HWP and NJStar. 

Note 2: The School will supply the following free or specially licensed software and assist with installation: Mozilla Firefox, Acrobat Reader, Stuffit Expander, lab printer drivers, PrimoPDF and anti-virus software.

Note 3: Some classes will require you to purchase specialty software. See each course syllabus for specific requirements.

Note 4: To meet the UC San Diego Network Connection Minimum Standards, the operating system, anti-virus software and anti-spyware software must have current updates installed. A firewall program must be installed and activated. All accounts on the computer must have strong passwords.

Financial Resources for Current Students

Summer Internship Funding
Partial financial support is offered to BA/MIA, MIA, MPP and MCEPA students who undertake unpaid internships during the summer between their first and second year. Special fellowships through many of our research centers and programs as well as other regionally focused awards are also available each year. A funding application is required, and attendance at the Summer Internship Funding Workshop is recommended. Funding applications are available for download in February in the GPScareers document library.
Conference and Professional Development Funding
A limited amount of money is available to BA/MIA, MIA, MPP and MCEPA students to offset the cost of attending conferences and other professional development programs. Funding applications are available for download in February in the GPScareers document library.
Dean's Fellow Stipend
Each year, approximately 20 students are recognized as Dean’s Fellows. The Dean's Fellow designation is determined by selection from a list of students nominated by an internal community of faculty, alumni, staff, students and friends. Those selected receive a small stipend.
Teaching Assistants
Teaching assistants are typically offered a salaried equivalent of up to 25 – 50 percent full-time employment (approximately 10 – 20 hours per week). Appointments at 25 percent time and higher are entitled to full graduate student health insurance (GSHIP) remission and a partial tuition/fee remission. Teaching assistants are also eligible for fee deferments and temporary loans.
Graduate Student Researchers (GSR)
GSRs are appointed on the basis of the student’s experience and expertise relating to the project for which funds are available, as well as the appropriateness of the project. Appointments may be awarded at various percentage levels. Appointments at 25 percent time or higher are entitled to a GSR tuition and fee remission (excludes professional fees).
Readers and Tutors
Readers and tutors are appointed to a minimum of 25 percent time for the quarter and are also eligible for TAHI/TAFE. However, payment is issued as a refund after the end of the quarter. Refunds are coordinated between the hiring department and the graduate division.
External Fellowships
UC San Diego maintains a central repository for funding announcements that contains information on local, regional and intramural programs. You may also visit our fellowships listing page.

Tax Resources