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Ethical Standards

The school aspires to the highest level of academic excellence and promotes the positive enforcement of ethical principles that support our honor code. Students, faculty, lecturers, staff, teaching assistants and graders are expected to uphold the highest standard of integrity in their academic and professional endeavors.

Honor Code

We, the members of the school, have a responsibility as students, faculty and staff to ensure the highest level of integrity in our academic, social and professional practices. 

As students, we are creating the foundation for our futures as international leaders and professionals in government, nonprofit and private enterprise. We must look to pursue knowledge justly, fairly and honestly. The value of our education is in understanding that learning is a lifelong commitment. The experiences that we share and the skills that we learn are all the more valuable if we hold ourselves to high ethical and moral standards.

The school must promote leadership, honesty and integrity. The community must work together to ensure that these qualities are valued. We must also make a conscious effort to provide our students with the instruction that will prepare them for a professional career. Faculty and staff will honor their responsibilities in teaching and service, and in turn students will reflect this commitment by pursuing leadership, honesty and integrity in their own academic endeavors.

This is a personal and professional commitment that we all share as members of the school. We pledge ourselves to these ideals and promise to be honest in hearts, minds and our actions.

Principles of Community

Individuals engaged in academic work to promote their professional goals are reminded of the responsibility society places on them to demonstrate ethical behavior and community responsibility. As leaders and policymakers you will establish the standards that others will follow. During your time at the school, you are expected to obey civil laws, comply with campus policies and governances and demonstrate a respectful level of civil and ethical behavior at all times.

All members of the school’s community are expected to follow the principles outlined in the UC San Diego Principles of Community. Students are expected to comply with the UC San Diego Student Code of Conduct.