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Student Life

In addition to the world-class education and extensive network of researchers, faculty and alumni, being a graduate student at the school means being active outside of the classroom, in both student groups and campus activities.

Our students lead a rich life, and they do so in a diverse, inclusive environment with other students hungry to participate. From student groups focusing on your own regional interests and professional development to campus-wide opportunities utilizing the best academics in the University of California system, students at GPS are intricately connected to one another.

GPS staff member welcomes students on the first day of Prep Program

Admitted Students

Congratulations on the huge leap forward you’ve taken by being admitted to GPS! Learn about the next steps as well information on our prep program. 

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Academic Opportunities

GPS offers a robust educational experience to all our students. Our faculty and staff have crafted a thorough and dynamic curriculum designed to equip students for a myriad of professional opportunities. 

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Student Resources

Discover available resources for GPS students including academic policies and ethical standards.

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Student Advising

GPS student affairs staff can address concerns ranging from academic policy to personal support services.

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Student Groups

Student-led regional focus groups are dedicated to increasing the understanding of a specific region’s culture, language, politics and economy through a variety of programmatic activities.

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Student Profiles

Our school is internationally recognized for its excellence, and a key reason for our growing distinction is our ability to attract the best graduate students from across the globe.

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