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Portrait of Dean Caroline Freund; the right side has a blue overlay with the UC San Diego branded element of a stylized tridentStrategic Plan 2022-2027

Focusing on the Future

We embarked on a strategic planning process beginning in May 2022 to align our vision and mission, shape our identity and positioning, and determine strategic priorities that will assist us in seizing opportunities that will advance and enrich our community. The process was inclusive of our constituencies, and we partnered with external resources to provide qualitative and quantitative research to help us make evidence-based decisions and bring unique insights to the process. 

What we have learned is that GPS provides an innovative and rigorous approach to policy. With a broad range of scholastic disciplines and expertise, a community of discovery-driven thinkers and our West Coast location, we are uniquely positioned to be the place that creates global policy solutions for a better tomorrow. 

At this stage, it is time to take action and focus on our aspirational goal to be the globally recognized school of policy-relevant scholarship that trains the next generation of leaders. With this in mind, I have collaborated with members of the community to create a strategic plan that will focus on four main areas:

  • Focusing and Differentiating our Academic Product
  • Enriching the Student Engagement Experience
  • Enhancing the GPS Reputation 
  • Optimizing and Growing Capacity and Capabilities to Support the Plan

Keep an eye on this page for updates on our progress in meeting these aspirational goals. And as always, we welcome your ideas and feedback as we continue to evolve.

Ultimately, GPS is, and will always remain, on the front line of critical issues — and I look forward to empowering and working alongside this incredible community to take ownership of the progress we want to see. 

Thank you for your partnership in this endeavor,

Caroline Freund