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Strategic Plan Team, Process and Timeline

This process will align our vision and mission, shape our identity and positioning and determine strategic priorities that will assist us in seizing opportunities that will advance and enrich our community. In addition, we have partnered with external resources that will provide qualitative and quantitative research to help us make evidence-based decisions and bring unique insights to the process. 

Meet the Team

The planning process is being led by a committee in partnership with Collaborative Strategies.

James Del Carmen, Partner at Collaborative Strategies, led strategic planning efforts across multiple industries including professional services, distribution, financial services, manufacturing, technology and nonprofits since 1997. Complement strategy development with a proven track record in assisting clients with implementation plans that achieve profitable and sustainable growth. Also leverages expertise in change management, process reengineering and organizational design. Prior to joining Collaborative Strategies, Del Carmen worked as a senior consultant with Ernst & Young and Andersen Consulting.

Committee Members

John Ahlquist
Meredith D’Angelo
Caroline Freund
Joshua Graff Zivin
Emilie Hafner-Burton
Chris Jones
Jean Korinke
Gordon McCord
Elizabeth Lyons
Ruthie Pyles


Our approach:

  • Defining our mission, vision and values
  • Creating strategic priorities and goals
  • Setting action plans
  • Developing key performance indicators
  • Establishing measurements and metrics

Conducting both external and internal analysis of:

  • Competitor peer and aspirational schools
  • Market intelligence
  • Audience 
  • Higher education, career and industry trends
  • Surveys and focus groups with faculty, staff, students and alumni


May 2022: Discovery

  • Focus Group with Internal Stakeholders
  • Competitor Analysis

June 2022-July 2022: Strategic Planning

  • Visioning Session
  • Planning Sessions
  • Stakeholder Surveys
  • Audience Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis

July 2022-Aug. 2022: Action Planning and Documentation

  • Key Initiatives
  • Resource Review
  • Timelines
  • Milestones
  • Document the Plan

Aug. 2022-Sept. 2022: Final Review

  • Stakeholder Sessions

Sept. 2022-Jan. 2023: Plan Launch

  • Broader Socializations Within the Community
  • Develop Cross Unit Teams
  • Solidify Year 1 Key Initiatives
  • Start Planning for Year 2 Key Initiatives