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Expand the drawers below to access and download GPS assets.

For more information and resources, please visit UC San Diego Brand Guidelines.


GPS (UC San Diego Version) Logos Pack (.zip)

GPS Email Signature Logo Files: GIF | PNG

Social Media Assets

GPS (+Research Centers) Social Media Logos (.zip)
For use as a square/circle avatar logo on social media-type platforms; various research centers and GPS units included in the .zip file

GPS Banner/Cover Images (.zip)
For use as a banner/cover-type image; various sizes/dimensions included in the .zip file


UC San Diego/GPS Branded Colors
(full color palette)

█ Navy blue: #182B49 or CMYK 100 86 42 42
█ Cobalt blue: #00629B or CMYK 100 35 3 21
█ Gold: #C69214 or CMYK 6 35 99 18
█ Yellow: #FFCD00 or CMYK 0 14 100 0
█ Aqua: #00C6D7 or CMYK 70 0 16 0



Note: These backgrounds work for Zoom as well. Right-click on a given image to save.

Right-click on a given image to save.

gps-ucsd_bg-navy-trident.png gps-ucsd_bg-blue-trident.png
gps-ucsd_bg-gold-trident.png gps-ucsd_bg-aqua-trident.png
gps-ucsd_bg-geisel-flowers.jpg gps-ucsd_bg-la-jolla-pier.jpg
gps-ucsd_bg-dusk-pier.jpg gps-ucsd_bg-rbc.jpg

21st Century China Center

21china-ucsd_bg-blue-trident.png 21china-ucsd_bg-aqua-trident.png

Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies

usmex-ucsd_bg-blue-trident.png usmex-ucsd_bg-aqua-trident.png
usmex-ucsd-backdrop_white-bg_color-logo.png usmex-ucsd-backdrop_white-bg_faded-color-logo.png
usmex-ucsd-bg-mexico-city-dusk.jpg usmex-ucsd-bg-calibaja.jpg

Peter F. Cowhey Center on Global Transformation

cgt-ucsd_bg-blue-trident.png cgt-ucsd_bg-aqua-trident.png

Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology

jfit-ucsd_bg-blue-trident.png jfit-ucsd_bg-aqua-trident.png

Korea-Pacific Program

kpp-backdrop_white-bg_color-logo.png kpp-backdrop_white-bg_faded-color-logo.png
kpp-backdrop_dblue-bg_white-logo.png kpp-backdrop_dblue-bg_faded-white-logo.png


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