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San Diego is a leading innovation cluster in biotech and the Internet of Things, in addition to its already important position in information technology manufacturing, and defense and energy technologies. This led Professor Ulrike Shaede to launch the Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology. Through this forum, she leads an initiative to bridge the ocean between Japan and San Diego by increasing communication between business and policymakers across the Pacific region as well as serving as a hub for interaction, exchange and collaboration, through research projects and global education programs.

In the News

Global connections foster global solutions
April 22, 2020 | Virginia Watson | GPS News
GPS’s 2020 Outstanding Alumnus Jeff Rector shares how connecting with alumni has enhanced his career and furthered his goal of climate change mitigation around the globe

What is the Best Way to Encourage Innovation? Competitive Pay May be the Answer
Feb. 12, 2020 | By Christine Clark | UC San Diego News
Field work from UC San Diego and Thermo Fisher finds providing a sizable award to top performers is most effective in producing creative scientific and technological solutions

When Will We End Global Warming?
Nov. 21, 2019 | By Christine Clark | UC San Diego News
At the intersection of science, technology and policy, UC San Diego’s David G. Victor offers answers

Out of the lab: A program designed to foster real-world impact
May 29, 2019 | By Rachel Hommel | GPS News
In its fifth year, the GPS Science Policy Fellows program pushes STEM students out of their technical comfort zones, creating bridges within UC San Diego’s area of excellence 


Faculty and Research

Related Faculty

  • Roger Bohn

    Roger Bohn


    Research Fields: high-tech and international manufacturing, electronics and data storage industry, product development, organizational management

  • Renee Bowen

    Renee Bowen

    Associate Professor

    Research fields: political economy, microeconomic theory, international trade

  • Tai Ming Cheung

    Tai Ming Cheung

    Professor; Director, UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation

    Research Fields: China, Chinese and East Asian defense and national security affairs, especially related to economic, industrial, technology and innovation issues

  • Peter Cowhey

    Peter Cowhey

    Dean and Qualcomm Endowed Chair in Communications and Technology Policy

    Research Fields: U.S. trade policy, foreign policy, communications and information technology, Internet, biological threats, international corporate strategy, microfinance industry to alleviate poverty

  • Michael Davidson

    Michael Davidson

    Assistant Professor

    Research Fields: China, electricity markets, energy policy, climate change policy

  • Joshua Graff Zivin

    Joshua Graff Zivin

    Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

    Research Fields: environmental, public health, development, innovation economics

  • Elizabeth Lyons

    Elizabeth Lyons

    Assistant Professor

    Research Fields: technology and innovation strategy, international management, organizational economics

  • Craig McIntosh

    Craig McIntosh

    Professor; Co-director, Policy Design and Evaluation Lab

    Research Fields: development economics, agricultural and resource economics, program evaluation, microeconomics, anti-poverty policies

  • Ulrike Schaede

    Ulrike Schaede

    Professor of Japanese Business; Executive Director, Center on Global Transformation; Director, Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology

    Research Fields: Japan, Japanese business organization, strategy, and management, financial markets

Related Research Centers and Programs

  • Deep Decarbonization Initiative 

    Deep Decarbonization Initiative 

    Focused on helping the world cut emissions of warming gases essentially to zero given the very real science, technology, economic and political constraints that exist. This initiative at UC San Diego is co-led by GPS Professor David Victor.
  • Big Pixel Initiative

    Big Pixel Initiative

    Designing research methods for scalable satellite image ingestion, processing, computing and visualization for the next generation of global change research in geospatial big data. This initiative at UC San Diego is co-led by GPS Professor Gordon Hanson.
  • Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology

    Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology

    Aiming to foster new collaboration and innovation between San Diego and Japan, this center acts as a hub for cross-disciplinary research on contemporary business, science and technology in Japan and its associated policies and strategies.
  • Science Policy Fellows Program

    Science Policy Fellows Program

    This program facilitates the exploration of policy implications and the practical application of research in engineering, medicine, and marine and earth sciences for strategic decision-making.

Archived Items

Research flying high
July 28, 2015: Roger Bohn finds aviation-related writing inspiration at the University of Oxford’s Summer Research Institute.

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