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Study Abroad Destination for Students and Researchers

GLI serves as a study abroad destination for students as well as researchers in qualified graduate programs.

High School Students

Future Leaders Summer Program: This unique summer program at UC San Diego is designed for high school students to develop problem-solving and diplomacy skills in global affairs, especially as they pertain to the roles of China, the U.S., Pacific and Indo-Pacific region countries including Mexico and India. Learn more about this program.

Undergraduate Students

University Credit Program: International students can experience short-term study abroad by enrolling through GLI in undergraduate courses offered in a variety of disciplines such as international studies, economics, political science and management. The program is designed for high-achieving academic students who would like to take a full-time schedule of credit-bearing courses while studying alongside degree-seeking university students at UC San Diego. Contact GLI for more information.

Future Global Leaders Program: Talented undergraduate students can take advantage of the opportunity to enhance their understanding of United States higher education as they meet other undergraduate students from top universities in the Pacific region. Meet other undergraduates from top universities by participating in a program that includes lectures from graduate-level professors, leadership skills development training and exposure to career professionals. Learn more about this program or contact GLI to inquire about upcoming programs.

Graduate Students

GLI Graduate Student Researcher Program: In addition to accessing world-class research resources, students can meet with professors who have advanced knowledge in particular areas of research. Participants also have the opportunity to enroll in courses and attend seminars taught by our internationally renowned experts. The GLI Graduate Student Researcher Program Application is available online.

Sylff Research Abroad: GLI is a receiving institution for present and former Sylff fellowship recipients who are currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program at any university or institution of higher learning outside the U.S. Contact GLI if you are eligible and would like to conduct academic research related to your doctoral dissertation at UC San Diego.

GLI Quarterly Certificate Program: Visiting graduate students are eligible to enroll in GPS master’s courses for non-degree study in the areas of international affairs, including politics, public policy, management, economics, sustainability, security and regional studies. Learn more about this program. Contact GLI if you would like to take courses for official UC San Diego credit.

Graduate Program in Economic Diplomacy: Intensive graduate training that addresses technological, political, economic and governmental issues. Students will be exposed to the concepts of economic diplomacy, with an emphasis on understanding the governance processes and institutional functioning of different levels of decision-making bodies. Students receive 4-6 units of official credit from UC San Diego upon successful completion. Contact GLI for enrollment eligibility.