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Three UC San Diego alumni seated and in discussion at an event

Clubs & Class Agents

Join a Club Today

We encourage all of our alumni to stay involved. Joining your local alumni club is a great way to stay in touch with friends and fellow classmates, and to meet new friends! Be sure to check out the UC San Diego Alumni Clubs. If you are not yet a member of a club in your area, contact your leader today.

Meet Your Class Agents

Our school is a dynamic community and in order to better stay in touch with you, we have launched a new Class Agents initiative. These go-to contacts are working with club leaders and board members to actively engage our alumni around the globe. Connect with your class agent today.

Take a look at upcoming alumni events here.

Class Agents

Class of 1989: Leonard Krause

Class of 1990: Scott Park

Class of 1991: Gary Bremermann, Gail Sevrens and Cynthia Yu

Class of 1992: Christine Cwiertny, Matthew Patchell and Deborah Reyes

Class of 1993: Robert Osborn

Class of 1994: Kevin Knight and Matthew Patchell

Class of 1995: Paul Lamb

Class of 1996: William Duff

Class of 1997: Pam Covarrubias and Lijuan Stahl

Class of 1998: Cecelia Aguillon

Class of 1999: Hillary Batjer Johnson

Class of 2000: Justin Miyai

Class of 2001: Kama Dean

Class of 2002: Matt Quigley

Class of 2003: Diana Lin

Class of 2004: Aysha Handley and Bo Peng

Class of 2005: Robert Schroeder

Class of 2006: Heather Berkman

Class of 2007: Ben Grayson

Class of 2008: Michael Hodel

Class of 2009: Andrea Castillo and Daniel Klubis

Class of 2010: Shannon Cummings and Candice Wang

Class of 2011: Tenille Beseda, Hayato Urabe, Jeffrey Warner

Class of 2012: Catherine Daly and Jared Townsel (MAS-IA only)

Class of 2013: Torres Argenia, Dechawuthi Dispanurat and Roy Kim (MAS-IA only)

Class of 2014: Jonathan Luu, Pete Roongsang (MAS-IA only), Ana Quiroz and Kamla Tang

Class of 2015: Nicholas Beaudoin, Akshay Shankar Bharadwaj, John Edwards (MAS-IA only) and Wentao Fu

Class of 2016: Jamie Pritchard,  Amandine BerroMaria Constanza JozamiJoey Corbin (MAS-IA only)

Class of 2017: Will Fuller, Mary Halloran (MAS-IA only), Silvino Silvino (MAS-IA only), Angie Zhou

Class of 2018: Diana ChungAdriel TaslimKevin Edes (MAS-IA only)

Class of 2019: Cristina Confalonieri (MAS-IA only), Elizabeth "Elli" Linn and Buyuan Zhang

Class of 2020: Jake Glashoff (MAS-IA only) and Maddie Kasik

Class of 2021: Lance Garnett and Ada Tong (MAS-IA only)