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Custom Group Certificate Programs for Professionals

We offer short-term, customized group programs to meet a variety of internationally focused needs and interests.

GLI draws on its vast resources within the educational community as well as its relationships with successful industry and government leaders to deliver a tailored, educational experience for program participants.

Each program is structured to provide the desired combination of:

  • Coursework focusing on topics that are relevant to each group's educational goals
  • Professional tours and presentations on location at U.S. organizations that parallel the industries represented by the participants
  • Cultural tours to experience firsthand the sights and residents of one of the most beautiful cities in the world
Custom group programs may differ in length from one day to two weeks or more, and we work with your group to determine the program duration and daily schedule.
Pricing will vary based on the number of instructional contact hours and professional tours requested as well as the extent that GLI is involved in organizing all other aspects of the program, including cultural activities, housing, meals and transportation.
Please contact us if you are interested in a customized group program.