Department Administration

Caroline Freund, Dean
Marie-Pierre Murry, Dean's Assistant
Meredith D’Angelo, Assistant Dean
Chris Jones, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration

Quick Reference: Responsibility Matrix

Function Primary Staff Secondary Staff
Admissions  Sonja Steinbrech
Alumni Nurit Mandel
Audio Visual Issues GPS Help
Community Relations  GPS Media
Communications Amy Robinson
Computing Support  GPS Help
Contracts and Grants  Misty Cervantes Nguyen
Copier/Scanner/Fax Assistance GPS Help Front Desk Interns 
Course Scheduling and Support  Nancy Gilson
Department Manager  Chris Jones
Development and Fundraising Jean Korinke
Events–Research Centers Iva Kostova
Events–IGCC and PDEL Misty Cervantes Nguyen
Events–General TBD
Executive Education/GLI Grace Osborne
Facilities Hannah Gelb Deb Ogle
Faculty Benefits  Website
Faculty Compensation Chris Jones
Faculty Committees Chris Jones
Faculty Leave of Absence Lillian Mannino
Fund Management Misty Cervantes Nguyen
Graduate Travel/Research Grants  Misty Cervantes Nguyen
Hiring–Graduate Students  Nancy Gilson
Hiring–Undergraduate Students  Jana Stewart
Instructional Support  Nancy Gilson
Keys Hannah Gelb Deb Ogle
IRB Vanessa Pool Misty Cervantes Nguyen
MOUs Chris Jones
Office Supplies Marie-Pierre Murry Front Desk Interns 
Office for Students with Disabilities Liaison Nancy Gilson
Parking Website 
Payroll–Faculty and Staff Lillian Mannino
Payroll–Graduate Students Nancy Gilson
Postdoctoral Scholar Appointments Lillian Mannino
Press, Media and Op-Ed Inquires–Faculty Christine Clark GPS Media
Press Clips–Faculty Amy Robinson GPS Media
Reimbursements/Purchasing Misty Cervantes Nguyen
Room Reservation Nancy Gilson
Software GPS Help
Student Career Services  Stephanie Boomhower
Student Financial Support Nancy Gilson
Student Organization Sponsorships Jerry Pang
TA and Reader Assignments Nancy Gilson
Teaching Credits Chris Jones
Textbook Orders Nancy Gilson
Travel Misty Cervantes Nguyen
Visiting Scholars Nickolaus Erickson
Web–Faculty Pages and Research Sites Amy Robinson  GPS Media