Why Hire from GPS?

Our programs address the challenges of the Pacific region by exploring not only theoretical but also practical applications for professionals working in the global context with a strong understanding of how public policy, management and international interactions shape strategic decision-making.

Our students and alumni distinguish themselves with the ability to:
  • Identify new challenges systematically
  • Analyze information rigorously
  • Present solutions clearly

Approaching Projects with a Systematic Focus

Early in the program, students complete coursework in accounting, statistics, managerial economics and policy studies. These courses require students to establish a framework, collect the proper data and think about each question holistically. Our graduates are unique in their equal comfort reading financial reports, tracking principal-agent relationships and dealing with raw statistical data.

Conduct Thorough, Rigorous Analyses

Coursework in finance, cost-benefit analysis, econometrics, managerial decision-making and institutional engineering prepare them to analyze projects from a variety of angles. They will feel comfortable developing a strategic plan for one client, while building pro-forma financial statements for another. And throughout the program, students are required to work on real-world projects with actual clients and prospective employers.

How to Hire?

We invite employers to register with our online system GPScareers or contact us directly to post an internship or job, arrange for a customized resume collection, and make arrangements to deliver a company information session or conduct on-campus interviews.

Need a Team of Interns?

Looking for a new way to connect with talent? Connecting with our graduate students early helps establish a pipeline of qualified candidates with proven work performance and knowledge of your organization. More and more employers recognize the value of establishing a visible presence on campus and connecting with qualified candidates — students, new graduates or experienced alumni — in a multitude of ways, including short-term group internship projects. Contact us to learn more.