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Upcoming Events

San Diego 2049: Closing Keynote with Kim Stanley Robinson and Team Project Competition
May 22, 2019 | Register
Kim Stanley Robinson—the multiple award-winning science fiction writer, climate change expert, and UC San Diego alum—joins us to deliver the closing keynote to San Diego 2049, sharing his insights into the future of the border region and how the practice of science fictional worldbuilding can help us imagine—and impact—issues of vital importance to individuals, our communities, our species, and life on planet Earth. This evening will also feature the final projects of several UC San Diego graduate student teams who have been participating in the San Diego 2049 series and imagining their own future scenarios for the region.

Demystifying the Quantum Threat to Cybersecurity with Dr. Jon Lindsay
May 24, 2019 | Register
Quantum computing has the potential to break encryption as we know it today. It also has the potential to create new forms of unbreakable encryption. Quantum threats and opportunities should not be exaggerated, however, because security and intelligence require more than just code-making and code-breaking. This talk provides a critical examination of the political and organizational context of the quantum threat to global security.

Robert F. Ellsworth Memorial Lecture: U.S.-China Relations in an Age of Adaptation
June 3, 2019 | Register
As the U.S.-China rivalry roils the region, there is a new dynamic underway in Asia that goes beyond the struggle for primacy between Washington, D.C. and Beijing. Despite an emerging pattern of increasing deference to China’s policy preference, few countries in the region are fully “bandwagoning” with China. Instead, Asia is adapting to a less dependable America, and a stronger and more assertive China, through new arrangements and institutions. This structural diversification process will impact both U.S. and Chinese interests in the long term and underscores that the next U.S. administration, regardless of party or policy, will encounter a more challenging and altered environment in this crucial region. Daniel Russel, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, will address these dynamics in the Seventh Robert F. Ellsworth Memorial Lecture.

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Political Economy Lunch Group (PELG) Speaker Series - This formal speaker series, sponsored by the Center for Global Transformation, is for faculty and Ph.D. students who are eager to engage with the world's leading scholars. 

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