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Switching to a Home Battery Won’t Help Save the World from Climate Change
Dec. 6, 2018: At least until utilities charge less for energy coming from renewable power sources

Modeling the future of Southeast Asia
July 27, 2018: GPS Assistant Professor Teevrat Garg creates economic and policy models in underdeveloped countries to explore ecosystems and human health.

Stanford study finds poor air quality responsible for one in five infant deaths in sub‑Saharan Africa
June 27, 2018: Satellite measurements of air quality across sub-Saharan Africa revealed small improvements in air quality could be one of the most effective interventions to curb infant mortality rates.

Science Policy Fellows program nurtures effective interdisciplinary scholars
June 27, 2018: In its fourth year, the program continues attracting top students in STEM disciplines to explore the policy relevance and implications of their dissertation research.

Geoengineering a greener future
June 22, 2018: GPS Professor Kate Ricke creates economic and policy models in a dual professorship with Scripps Oceanography, for a comprehensive view of climate research.


June 27, 2018: Pollution responsible for one-fifth of infant deaths in sub-Saharan Africa featuring Jennifer Burney

Dec. 6, 2017: Living with Wildfires. An interdisciplinary expert panel of UC San Diego researchers and city officials explored answered critical questions such as are wildfires on the rise? What’s being done to prevent wildfires? What can we do to protect ourselves?

Faculty and Research

Related Faculty

  • Jennifer Burney

    Jennifer Burney

    Associate Professor

    Research Fields: climate impacts and adaptation, food-energy-water systems, food and nutrition security, land use, economic development

  • Michael Davidson

    Michael Davidson

    Assistant Professor

    Research Fields: China, electricity markets, energy policy, climate change policy

  • Teevrat Garg

    Teevrat Garg

    Assistant Professor

    Research Fields: economics, Southeast Asia

  • Joshua Graff Zivin

    Joshua Graff Zivin

    Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

    Research Fields: environmental, public health, development, innovation economics

  • Ruixue Jia

    Ruixue Jia

    Assistant Professor

    Research Fields: China, development economics, economic history, political economy

  • Gordon McCord

    Gordon McCord

    Assistant Teaching Professor

    Research Fields: development economics, public health, environment

  • Kate Ricke

    Kate Ricke

    Assistant Professor

    Research Fields: climate change, public policy

  • David Victor

    David Victor

    Professor; Co-director, Laboratory on International Law and Regulation; Center for Global Transformation Endowed Chair in Innovation and Public Policy 

    Research Fields: human rights, international law, energy policy, climate change policy

Related Research Centers and Programs

  • Deep Decarbonization Initiative 

    Deep Decarbonization Initiative 

    Focused on helping the world cut emissions of warming gases essentially to zero given the very real science, technology, economic and political constraints that exist. This initiative at UC San Diego is co-led by GPS Professor David Victor.
  • Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation

    Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation

    Facilitating innovative research on the causes of international conflict and cooperation, this institute serves the entire UC system and is committed to educating the next generation of problem solvers and peacemakers.
  • Laboratory on International Law and Regulation

    Laboratory on International Law and Regulation

    Exploring when and why laws actually work, this living laboratory looks across an array of issues from environment and energy to human rights, trade and security.
  • Science Policy Fellows Program

    Science Policy Fellows Program

    This program facilitates the exploration of policy implications and the practical application of research in engineering, medicine, and marine and earth sciences for strategic decision-making.

Archived Items

Health and human capital
Jan. 29, 2018: GPS Professor Joshua Graff Zivin combines STEM with the economics of innovation in latest research ranging from energy to public health, plus discusses a renewed interest in Latin America.

Battery storage at the center of energy policy
Jan. 3, 2018: GPS students look at battery storage options in Florida in a study designed to solve real-world problems.

Researching how humans and the environment interact
Dec. 21, 2017: The National Science Foundation awards $1.5 million to Jennifer Burney in a new grant to focus on her research at the intersection of environmental health and human development.

Fighting wildfires with web based imagery
Dec. 18, 2017: GPS’s Science Policy Fellows Program gathered experts to examine how harnessing the power of supercomputers and video imagery can help prevent natural disasters.

Nuclear power in US likely in decline, UC San Diego researchers conclude
Sept. 29, 2017: Advanced fission innovation in 'slow demise' without leadership, infrastructure and political improvements.

Science Policy Fellows program trains ‘high-impact researchers’
June 28, 2017: In its third year, GPS’s Science Policy Fellows program continues bridging disciplines at UC San Diego, delivers new research and even prototype tools.

Fighting Global Warming and Climate Change Requires a Broad Energy Portfolio
June 19, 2017: Can the continental United States make a rapid, reliable and low-cost transition to an energy system that relies almost exclusively on wind, solar and hydroelectric power?

Experiencing the ‘crossroad of the US, Asia and Mexico’
April 20, 2017: As part of his Pacific Leadership Fellowship, Enrico Letta derived new impressions of not only the EU-U.S. relationship but also the U.S.-Mexico one. 

Driven by curiosity, Graff Zivin coincides STEM and policy
April 19, 2016: The professor discusses how he gained his footing in health economics and the keys to pursuing STEM policy.

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