Alumni Board Nomination Form

The GPS Alumni Board is the official representative of the entire alumni community. We work to support and grow a network of communication to encourage participation of alumni in the continuing life of the GPS community and in programs that enrich their professional, cultural and personal lives. 

Board members serve for two-year terms and are selected with diversity in mind to ensure that alumni receive proper representation. This open nomination process is intended to generate a more comprehensive list of graduates interested in serving the alumni community. 

Selected board members agree to serve on one of the following five subcommittees:

  • Increase Visibility of GPS Globally
  • Increase Technology and Social Media
  • Increase Value of GPS to Alumni
  • Increase Quantity and Quality of Student Applicants to GPS
  • Increase Donations to GPS

We ask that a GPS Alumni Board member have the following:

  • Be a graduate of a degree program (BA/MIA, MIA, MPIA, MAS-IA, MPP, Ph.D.).
  • Be willing and able to fully engage in four quarterly board meetings per year and assume all of the responsibilities of a GPS Alumni Board Member for the duration of two years. For more information on those responsibilities, please email Nurit Mandel.
  • Selection shall include representation from: various class years, degree programs, industries, regional areas, and also consist of a balance of male and female candidates. For the 2018 recruitment cycle we especially encourage alumni from earlier class years and/or who are employed in the nonprofit industry to consider applying.

Please nominate one of your fellow alums, or yourself, by completing out the form below by July 1. Submissions will be reviewed by the current GPS Alumni Board at a special meeting of the board in summer 2018 and new board members announced by fall 2018.