Prep Program

Prep is designed to equip students with the skills and abilities to succeed in the demanding environment of graduate studies. The program provides a review of classroom and career-related skills as well as insight into the academic and cultural environment at the School. Students will attend a minimum of 18 instruction hours per week through five academic courses and several career development sessions throughout the summer. Prep is for anyone who wants to be up to speed on the first day of classes and prepared for success academically and professionally.


Students who do not have an academic or professional background relevant to or sufficient for a particular course are conditionally admitted to the program and required to complete prep course(s). Admitted students can register for prep and GLI courses using their PID number. Please email if you have any questions. 

We are not yet accepting registrations, please check back frequently for updates. Admissions will also send official confirmation via email to all admitted students when registration is available. 

Registration Fees

GLI Courses

GLI ESL Summer Session I – $1,500
GLI ESL Summer Session II – $1,500

Prep Courses
Analytical Writing:
MIA/MPP/MCEPA Students – $800
Quantitative Methods and Math Camp – $800
Economics and Math Camp – $800

Students taking more than one prep course are offered the following sliding scale (excluding ESL):
One Class – $800
Two Classes – $1,400
Three Classes – $2,000


Admitted students are required to attend all new student orientations. Orientation provides students an opportunity to meet classmates, talk with faculty, receive academic advising and obtain information from campus representatives to maximize their graduate experience.

2019 Schedule (mandatory unless specified):

Aug. 5: Prep Welcome
Sept. 10 or 11: Graduate Division Orientation (students without prep requirements only)
Sept. 16: Incoming Student Orientation
Sept. 22: International Center Orientation (international students only)

  • Additional information will be updated closer to the start of prep

TBD: Career Services COP (international students only)

Analytical Writing (AW)

More information will be released in March.

Math Camp

Information will be released in March.

Quantitative Methods (QM)

* Math Camp must be taken before Quantitative Methods (QM)

Information will be released in March.

Economics (ECON)

* Math Camp must be taken before Economics (ECON)

Information will be released in March.

Career Services – Career Orientation Program

Career Services looks forward to partnering with you in achieving your career goals. If you plan to utilize Career Services during your time at GPS or as an alumnus/alumna, you are required* to attend our Career Orientation Program (COP) prior to the start of Fall Quarter. We must work with you as soon as possible on these career topics as there are early fall deadlines for many internships and jobs.

Information will be released in March.

GLI Academic English

Information will be released in March.

Admitted Students