Academic Programs

Degree Program

Master of Advanced Studies in International Affairs

The MAS-IA is an executive master's degree program. Students are dynamic professionals seeking specialized and advanced education in the field of international affairs. They have a minimum of five years of professional work and relevant international experience. Students enrolled full time complete the degree in a nine-month academic year (holders of F or J visas must study full time). A part-time enrollment option (2 academic years) is also available to professionals with flexible work schedules. Learn more here.

Certificate Program

Quarterly Program for Individuals

GLI’s quarterly certificate program provides graduate-level coursework for professional development in international affairs, including politics, public policy, management, economics, sustainability, security and regional studies. Participants study alongside master's students by enrolling in GPS courses as non-degree seeking students. The duration of study may range from one quarter (11 weeks) to two years and follows the UC San Diego academic calendar.

For international professionals, English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are offered as well as content-based courses designed for non-native English speakers to supplement the GPS curriculum. GLI’s intensive ESL program is offered each summer to help individuals prepare for courses at UC San Diego. GLI also offers local, state and national professional tours to build upon your academic education. Apply here.

Customized Programs for Groups

GLI is uniquely positioned to provide sponsoring organizations and participants access to more than 100 academic departments and programs across the University. Drawing on vast resources within the educational community and unrivaled relationships with successful industry and government leaders, GLI delivers a tailored educational experience for program participants. Each program addresses the group’s learning objectives in order to provide a desired combination of coursework, professional tours and presentations. GLI works with each group to determine the program duration and daily schedule. Contact us to learn more. 

Graduate Student Program

GLI serves as a study-abroad destination for researchers and students in qualified graduate programs. In addition to accessing world-class research resources, students can meet with professors who have advanced knowledge in particular areas of research. Participants also have the opportunity to enroll in courses and attend seminars taught by our internationally renowned experts. Contact us to learn more. 

Executive Education