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Carnegie Corporation of New York Supports UC San Diego-Hosted International Talks on Northeast Asia

Jan. 5, 2017 | By Alexandra Steven and Jade Griffin | UC San Diego News
The University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, which is based at UC San Diego, received a grant of $500,000 to support the institute’s annual Northeast Asia Cooperation Dialogue (NEACD), a forum which convenes policy-level officials from China, Russia, North and South Korea, Japan and the United States to candidly discuss urgent security topics in Northeast Asia.

Ensuring students are ahead of the curve

Dec. 19, 2016 | By By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Working behind the scenes, GPS’s Professional Development Committee is dedicated to dreaming up how to make students stand out in the workforce

Variability biggest bane of water in the West

Dec. 14, 2016 | By By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
GPS’s Science Policy Fellows Program gathered scientist and policy experts from across campus and San Diego to traverse the hard-hitting topic of California’s water supply

Why GPS: Genuine support for your future career

 By Samuel Huang, 2018 MIA candidate | GPS News
As part of an ongoing series, we give students the creative liberty to opine on their favorite memories from the School and “why GPS” is a solid fit to pursue their graduate education

Office hours: Professor Barbara F. Walter

Dec. 12, 2016 | By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
The GPS faculty member opens up about some of the dearest objects that adorn her office, painting a picture of her professional backstory and personal interests

Knowing no altruistic bounds

 By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
We honor UC San Diego’s 2016 Chancellor’s Medal recipients Marion and Kwan So, as told through the eyes of those at GPS they’ve impacted deeply

Helping one woman at a time

 By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
JFIT’s new immersion program for female executives in Japan equips participants with the skills and confidence to be managers on a global scale

From the Rio Grande to the Mediterranean Sea

Nov. 17, 2016 | By Anthony King | UC San Diego News
Using labor-force supply and demand, UC San Diego researchers predict Mexico migration surge to U.S. is over

GPS graduates find culture is key at Booz Allen

Nov. 16, 2016 | By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
As part of an ongoing series to spotlight GPS’s top employers, we profile why Booz Allen Hamilton hires our graduates, plus why current alumni enjoy working there

Jesse Driscoll named 2016 CESS Book Awardee

| By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Via a Q&A, we dive into how the assistant professor’s book, ‘Warlords and Coalition Politics in Post-Soviet States,’ came about and what this award means

Undraping a hidden gem

Nov. 1, 2016 | By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
How Jason Kim, MAS-IA ’12, helped to set the stage for foreign area officers to fulfill their graduate school requirements at GPS

Transforming Mexico through innovation

Oct. 27, 2016 | By Anthony King | UC San Diego News
Mexico Moving Forward travels to Mexico City, highlighting young entrepreneurs and strengthening ties to UC San Diego

A leg up on Japanese language literacy

Oct. 25, 2016 | By Matthew Matsuyama | GPS News
Matthew Matsuyama, 2018 MIA candidate, spared time from his studies in Tokyo to opine on his Boren Fellowship, including how its readying him for a civil service career

Exploring what is most important

Oct. 20, 2016 | By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Meet Zaira Razu, the new point woman for most all things research-related at USMEX with an eye for analyzing the most pertinent issues facing Mexico and U.S.-Mexico relations today

Drilled into entrepreneurship

 By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
George Eiskamp didn’t always conceive of a career in oil and gas but, as CEO and founder of GroundMetrics, the alumnus is an industry standout due in part to lesson learned at GPS

Getting to a Zero Carbon Future

 By Anthony King and Daniel Kane | UC San Diego News
Reducing global carbon emissions to as close to zero as possible is one of humanity's most pressing challenges to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. Now, Professor David Victor is leading UC San Diego's latest development to do just that.

Research read round the world

By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Acting Dean Gordon Hanson opines on the unfaltering hype surrounding his paper ‘The China Shock’ and its significance in an election year

Tooled to the excellence of the School

 By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
A rundown of the major renovations undertaken to GPS’s classroom and office spaces, plus what inspired their fruition

Putting students first

| By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Learn how Krislert Samphantharak’s new title, associate dean of student affairs, couldn’t be better suited, plus some of his recent research endeavors in Southeast Asia

Alumni lend lessons learned 20 years after GPS

Sept. 16, 2016 | By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Joel Rabasco and Rich Abrom impart to GPS’s incoming students their wisdom gained in 20 years since attending the School

Protecting the planet through fellowship

By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Larissa Basso, a Ph.D. candidate at University of Brasilia, is visiting GPS on a Fulbright Fellowship to explore the politics of energy decarbonization under Professor David Victor

A day in the life of a Ph.D. student

Sept. 12, 2016 | By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Through the eyes of Luke Sanford, learn what being a Ph.D. student in GPS’s joint program with the UC San Diego Department of Political Science entails today

School of Global Policy and Strategy Launches New Master of Chinese Economic and Political Affairs

Our 2016-17 Dean’s Fellows

Aug. 25, 2016 | By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Three students selected as GPS’s 2016-17 Dean’s Fellows share the experiences that qualify them for this special distinction

Educating the next generation of US-China leaders

By Anthony King | GPS News
GPS’s 21st Century China Center, in partnership with the Global Leadership Institute, hosted high school students on campus for its inaugural American and Chinese Future Leaders Summer Program

JFIT broadens health sciences gateway between Japan and San Diego

By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Through leadership roles in LINK-J, GPS’s research center on Japan supports yet another avenue for innovative exchange between San Diego and Japan

Influencing development through improving governance

Aug. 17, 2016 | By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Focusing on the Philippines, GPS Assistant Professor Nico Ravanilla is committed to examining and improving the quality of elected officials in developing democracies

A new beginning

Aug. 16, 2016 | By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Enthused to join GPS in its time of positive transformation, Assistant Professor Weiyi Shi explains the research that motivates her to wake up in the morning

­­Students get a sneak peek at careers related to STEM

By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Three students affirm GPS’s emphasis on quantitative methods positioned them for success in internships related to STEM, plus granted them confidence to pursue careers in the sector

China 21 podcast tackles US-China trends in candid fashion

By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
GPS’s 21st Century China Program began a new podcast that features conversations between top policymakers and academics

Refining research in the thick of the Brexit

By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
Assistant Professor Lauren Prather relished in a research retreat at the University of Oxford’s Summer Research Institute

Alumnae sustain a friendship for the books

By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
The common interest in sustainability that brought together Lauren DeMates and Rosaly Byrd at GPS now is turning profits for the duo in that of a burgeoning blog and book deal

A team effort

July 14, 2016 | By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
As GPS Dean Peter Cowhey serves as interim executive vice chancellor at UC San Diego, GPS is left in good hands of Acting Dean Gordon Hanson and a team of senior faculty members

Going between science and policy

By Sarah Pfledderer | GPS News
A climate scientist with equal strengths in physical and social sciences, Kate Ricke brings an interdisciplinary punch to her dual professorship at GPS and Scripps