A new beginning

Enthused to join GPS in its time of positive transformation, Assistant Professor Weiyi Shi explains the research that motivates her to wake up in the morning

3 questions with Assistant Professor Weiyi Shi

What are the real-world impacts of your research?

China’s economic rise arouses both hope and anxiety. My research hopes to inform scholars, as well as the policy community, with sound empirical evidence. I’ve given talks at the Council of Foreign Relations, the World Bank and written several op-eds.

What skills or understanding do you hope students leave your class with?
My goal as an educator is to encourage students to ask interesting questions and seek creative and scientific ways to answer these questions, including developing an analytical toolbox. I want students to bridge theory and practice and to think about real-world applications of the toolbox they acquire in the classroom.

What is your academic focus?
My research is at the intersection of international political economy and Chinese politics.